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Cryptoportfolio tracking tool made for people
Save hours a month for the price of a cup of latte
SkyTrack is the portfolio tracking tool for cryptocurrency users. Seamless integration with popular exchanges and wallets provides a comprehensive view of assets and transactions, eliminating the need for multiple logins and manual tracking. With SkyTrack, valuable time is saved, up to 2-6 hours per month. Streamline the cryptocurrency journey and simplify portfolio tracking with SkyTrack.
Just jump into the chatbot in Telegram and set your asset sources - no registration need
Let the bot guide you through the asset connection process. Our bot supports all popular exchanges and blockchain wallets.
Be aware of the balance of your crypto assets in real-time right on Telegram
Meet Your Needs
We're in the early stages of developing our product and we value input from our community. Share your suggestions on the exchange/wallets support needed to make this Bot the ultimate tool for tracking all your cryptocurrency assets
User Centric
Our users is always in our heart – we aim to build the best tool ever and always will carefully listen
to all feedback given to us
Free Forever
You can use basic functions of SkyTrack bot absolutely for free and extend abilities at affordable subscription price
Insightful Outlook
Drop an eye to the bot and get yourself aware
of the actual assets balance in seconds. Never collect assets amount and manually calculate balance value – just specify your wallets and exchanges and let Bot do the rest
We make crypto people happy
Chat bots with Dynamically updated messages in chat that keeps tracking statistics up-to-date
Alerts on transactions and impactful news/events
Social network for crypto investors with portfolio sharing and discussion threads
Key Features

Max Bozhko

Founder, CEO

Andrey Gorbenko

Co-founder, CTO

Yulia Zykova

UI/UX Designer

Galina Logushkova

Communications manager

Pavel Menshchikov

Frontend Engineer

Varvara Krasavina

Head of Design
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